I am a producer, writer, and artist, but more importantly a businessman with a
plan and vision to tackle the world of entertainment. I have devoted a massive
amount of time learning every aspect of the entertainment field. I am working
diligently to make an impact on the music, film, and poetry industry.

Writing has been a major part of my life and through my writing; my goal is to
help bring about change in the world. My current focus is on producing an
album for myself, writing songs to sell, finishing my book of poems and
shopping movies scripts.

I want a consumer to press play on my record, read the first page of my book,
and look at the first scene of my movie and just keep rewinding, turning pages
back, and not being able to leave the TV, because my work is just that hot.

My business is not just a way to make money, but a way to make history. All of
my writings are a reflection of my life and I want my work to show all facets of

I realize that music is a persuasive tool that makes people listen and my love
for writing persuaded me to pursue a career in songwriting, I want my music
to change people lives. I want my music to define a period of time; music that
the public would say is still hot years from now. I write new material everyday
and every song I pen I write it as a hot single. I continue to build a great
catalog of hit songs that the world will soon get to hear.

I realize that films are a persuasive tool to help people change their viewpoint.
I want my movies to have the ability to make people smile when they are sad,
give them strength when they are weak and give them courage when they feel
defeated. Every movie script I pen I write it as a blockbuster smash.

I realize that poetry is a persuasive tool that makes people read. I want my
poetry to change people mindset and reach parts of their brain that has never
been explored. So my writing is deep. Every poem I pen I write it as a best

Through all of my endeavors my goal is to make music that people really want
to listen to, write poetry that makes people really want to read and make
movies that really help people change their lives. I want everything I work on
to motivate and inspire others and help people change their lives through my

Combining these three aspects of entertainment brought about the birth of
CdotT Entertainment.
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