*Contains Profanity, Sexual Content, and
Some Violence*
An attractive young woman exotic dancer delves into a pattern of prostitution and
continues on a downward spiral until someone in her life shows her enough love that
she may find her own self worth.

A smooth talking
pimp has made a lucrative career out of exploiting women.  
Because of adversity, he will embark on a new, legitimate career.  This
transformation develops his character, his values, and expands his success.

homeless man is down and out.  Once a self centered attorney, he faces the harsh
conditions of living on the streets with nothing resembling the life he once knew.  
Perseverance sees him through to use his abilities to help his fellow man.

Nicks, Dimes, O-Z’s, and Quarters.  The game remains the same.  A
drug dealer
triumphs over the stereotypes and weathers the storm of his peers to transform a
negative situation into a positive one.
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