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From the Heart of the Man
Poem courtesy of Christopher “CdotT” Thomas

Today I talked with a friend, it was a
Conversation that pierced my soul and spirit
Penetrated my mind and heart, I found myself  
Captivated and stimulated just talking to her
I was eagerly anticipating more
Eagerly wanting more…..
Eagerly needing more…..
Simply from hearing her voice

I was excited, my heart pulsating and
Beating like it never had before
I was in a comatose state of mind
But I was glued to every word she spoke

Truly a special woman I must admit
Her friendship, caring, loving
Understanding means so much to me and
I am receptive of this love I never had

We are more than friends, we are lovers mentally
Our conversations sexually incline and I
Have a desire to give this woman what she never had
Ridding her of her pain and suffering
And adding happiness inside

I feel like I already know her
But I want to know all of her
The essential things that make up
The essence of her being and
What makes her a Queen?

So I say to my Dear friend
I have so much to give you
An everlasting supply of love and friendship
That may never end

She kissed my temple, I blushed…..
She smiled……I laughed….memories true indeed

© 2000 All Rights Reserved
From the Heart of the Woman

Today I talked with a friend,
It was a conversation like no other
Heartfelt and intimate on the surface,
Invisible traces of a would-be lover.

His temple I kissed, he winced
I sighed, as new memories manifest
A longing to know and understand this man
Truly intriguing I must confess

“What do you want to Know” he asks
“Hell, What Don’t I want to know”, I reply
Only it’s to myself, I can’t let him know
But then again, I can’t lie

Why are we friends? Why aren’t we more?
How do I know? Is this real? Am I sure?

Too soon to tell- so we dwell
Anticipating, rationalizing, waiting, saying
Believing and understanding
Conversations we share
Like the air beneath wings
Wherever I go, he goes
My thoughts and his meanings
How can he understand the me
he never knew?
How can he care so much?
Does he trust that I am true?

I’m looking forward to more of this new bliss,
Happiness unfulfilled
A fresh new friendship
Untainted, alive and real

So I say to my dear friend
I’m here for you also
Writing a story that may never end.

© 2000 All Rights Reserved
by Christopher (CdotT) Thomas
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